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<--100 Year old Lacrosse sticks

Ahniinh! Join us to learn about Anishinabe History!

Anishinabe People have been playing lacrosse for at least 500 years.

The Ojibwe, Odawa, and Pottawatomi Nations are the members of the what is known as the Three Fires Confederacy. 

Anishinabe Baagaadowewin is a nonprofit Corporation with a mission to share Anishinabe history and culture.

Who we are

Nonprofit Organization

Founded  in  2020  in  Anishinabe Territory.

Our Mission


Teach  our  culture  and  history  to  others  throughout  the  world.


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Select  players  for  the  Anishinabe lacrosse  teams  to  represent  nations  in  the  Three  Fires  Confederacy  in  international  competition.

Our Lacrosse history

Baagaadowewin “They play lacrosse”

Lacrosse has been played among Anishinabe Nations since time immemorial. Within the past 150 years the game has almost been lost. 

Anishinabe of the Three Fires Confederacy

The  Three  Fires  Confederacy  is  a  hundreds  of  year  old  agreement  between  the  Ojibwe,  Odawa,  and  Potawatomi Nations.  

In  this  agreement  the  nations  and  their  descendants  formed  a  confederacy  to  defend and  support  each  other.

Anishinabe  Baagaadowewin  will  look  to  rekindle  this  to  bring  the  memory  of  Anishinabe style  lacrosse  and  the  modern  interpretation of  lacrosse  together.  

Announcing Anishinabe Lacrosse

Anishinabe Baagaadowewin in 2020

Anishinabe  Baagaadowewin  ”Original  Man  plays  lacrosse”  was  founded   in  2020 to  be  the  Anishinabe  Peoples  voice  in  the  sport.

For  more  information on  Anishinabe  people,


For more information about the history of Anishinabe people,

The Mishomis Book: The Voice of the Ojibway https://www.amazon.com/dp/0816673829/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_G61fEbHTBP0K1

Anishinabe  people  have  played  lacrosse  using  a  distinct  stick  for  over  500  years.  Europeans  who  travelled  to  the  Great  Lakes  in  the  1500  and  1600s  named  town’s  and  cities  after  the  Anishinabe  people  who  played  the  game.   

Anishinabe  Lacrosse  in  Minnesota


Today’s  style  of  lacrosse   still  uses  rules  that  were  consistent  with  the  original  Anishinabe  Lacrosse.  

Video  of  Lacrosse  being  played  in  Northern  Ontario


Red lake Minnesota lacrosse traditional mural wooden wood stick

Red Lake Minnesota 

Boys and Girls Club 2019